Caleb Gates of Alpha Growth Interviews Coinsquad CEO

May 6, 2020 / by Frederic Rough

Watch this interview exchange between Caleb Gates of Alpha Growth and Coinsquad CEO, Frederic Rough conducted during the 2018 Crypto Invest Summit. In it, Caleb asks what are the most common cryptocurrency problems Coinsquad helps its customers solve.



TLDW: Two Common Issues Facing Coinsquad Customers:


  1. Question: Why is my ID not going through KYC for Coinbase? I’ve tried it 60 times and it’s not working and I’ve called Coinbase and I can’t get through…
    Answer: Download the Coinbase App. The mobile version of Coinbase works much better than the desktop version, and you should be able to enter your ID there with no problems.

  2. Question: My Google Authenticator for Binance is not working on my new phone, and I already got rid of my old phone, what do I do?
    Answer: Your Google Authenticator is connected to your old phone and that is why it’s not working on your new phone. You need to get your old phone back to disconnect – and Coinbase can help you with that!

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Frederic Rough

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