So You Want to Start Cryptocurrency Investing, But You Don’t Know How…

December 30, 2020 / by Frederic Rough

If the time is now, what's holding you back?

Don’t Let Intimidation Stop You from Investing in Crypto

At the time of this writing, the trading price for a single Bitcoin was $28,514.20. That’s an increase which can only be described as mind blowing when compared to the price of its first measurable value recorded in May of 2010, when it traded at just $0.01.

The missed opportunity represented in those numbers can definitely elicit major feelings of regret and the deep desire for a time machine, but for the would-be investors who never took the step of putting their money into the crypto game, all may not be lost. In fact, just this November, early Bitcoin investors and advocates, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss went on CNBC to tell the world that they think Bitcoin could trade upwards of $500,000 in the future, with a market value of $9 trillion. And they are not the only ones holding that sentiment. Catherine Wood, founder and CEO of Ark Invest agrees, while also suggesting that this Bitcoin rally is different from those in the past because institutional investors are now moving into this space, further adding to the legitimacy of Bitcoin and positioning it as a viable alternative to gold. If their predictions are correct, there is still significant upside to Bitcoin, and the time is now to make an investment.


If the Time is Now, What’s Holding You Back?

Recently, Coinsquad conducted a LinkedIn poll asking our followers what the main thing is that holds them back from taking the plunge and investing in cryptocurrency. 100% of respondents said they’re not investing because they don’t know where to start.

For us, that is a totally understandable problem. So much so, in fact, that we built this business in order to try and solve it. The fact of the matter is that investing in cryptocurrencies is confusing, plain and simple. You can’t buy them with a traditional stock trading account and most traditional investment firms are not familiar enough with the process to be of much help. And while the Internet is overflowing with information about cryptocurrency, without a decent of understanding of blockchain or mining, the industry’s vernacular can be a serious barrier to understanding.



Cryptocurrency Investing


Coinsquad Offers the Cryptocurrency Investing Assistance You’ve Been Waiting For

Coinsquad’s founder and CEO Frederic Rough has been a cryptocurrency investor and enthusiast for years. A known personality on the west-coast crypto conference circuit, Frederic is a passionate advocate for the potential of a blockchain enabled Internet, and he is dedicated to helping individuals understand and profit from this next iteration of the web – Web 3.0.

Frederic founded Coinsquad to help everyday investors set up the wallets, ledgers and accounts necessary to begin crypto trading, as well as help those already invested troubleshoot any problems they may have with lost passwords, theft or otherwise. As a web-securities professional, he built his helpdesk using the same end-to-end encryption relied upon by some of the nation’s largest financial institutions, and his team of cryptocurrency and blockchain experts are 100% US-based.

(Find Out More About the Coinsquad: Visit our About Page)


Wouldn’t It Be Nice If Someone Would Just Do It for You?

If you’re anything like our LinkedIn followers, you may hear words like “hot wallet,” “ledger” and “cryptocurrency exchange” and no matter how much you read about them, your eyes glaze over a bit and you simply end up closing the browser tab and vowing to set up your accounts another time. Maybe you check the price of Bitcoin, Ether and Ripple tokens regularly and wish you could just buy some without having to go through all the hassle of the set up. Heck, if you could just ask someone about the difference between hot and cold wallets and have them explain it in clear, simple terms minus the jargon, maybe you would be more able to make an informed decision on which one is best for you.

Better yet…wouldn’t it be great if you could just pay someone to set up the accounts for you and then teach you how to use them?

That is exactly what Coinsquad was invented to do.



Intro-to-Crpyto Starter Package


Introducing Coinsquad’s Intro-to-Crypto Starter Package


  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Account Set Up
  • Hot or Cold Wallet Set Up
  • :15 Minute Screen-Share Tutorial on How to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

This package is designed to get you set up with everything you need to begin investing in cryptocurrency. Call 1-877-295-4008 to get the details!

You don’t have to figure it all out on your own. We’re here to help safely resolve your crypto tech issues, and get you started on your investment journey. With Coinsquad, help is just a phone call away.


Now Is the Time to Set Up Your Accounts

You can spend your tomorrows wishing you had acted today, or you can get the assistance you need today to get started on what could, quite possibly, be the most lucrative investment journey of a generation. Our services help you set yourself up to be ready to take advantage of today’s prices or the buying opportunities of tomorrow. Even if you’re not ready to invest yet, it pays to be prepared to make a move when the time is right by having your wallet and exchange set up and waiting.


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