VIDEO: 2020 LA Blockchain Summit – Coinsquad CEO, Frederic Rough, Joins Panel on Storing and Safekeeping Your Crypto, Which Options are Right for You?

January 7, 2021 / by Frederic Rough

In October 2020, some of the greatest minds and entrepreneurs in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space gathered together for the 2020 LA Blockchain Summit #7 held virtually due to Covid-19. Coinsquad CEO, Fredric Rough, was featured as a Summit panelist during a video discussion about how to safely store cryptocurrency, the types of threats that exist (phishing scams, malware, etc.), and ways to protect accounts and passwords from thieves.


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TL:DW - Get the Highlights from Frederic

Interested in Frederic’s advice on ways to protect the devices you use to access crypto accounts? Fast forward the video to: 10:50

Want to know how to protect yourself from SIM swap fraud? Jump to: 18:30


What’s a SIM swap???

SIM swaps are when a thief convinces your mobile carrier that they are you in order to get your phone number transferred to a SIM card belonging to them. They do this to intercept two-factor authentication, among other nefarious reasons, so that they can steal from you.


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